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Kidney Conversations Top 5 Drinks for Kidney Disease

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Whether it’s a blistering cold morning or the dead heat of the summer a nice hot drink or a cool refreshing drink is something we may not give second thought too.

As a patient with kidney disease or a patient that has liquid in-take restrictions due to kidney failure and dialysis we have to be cautious of the liquids we put in our body as some may be causing more harm than others and have a negative effect on your kidneys.

A big question that is raised by kidney patients when speaking to their doctors and their registered dietitian is:

What can I drink and how much can I drink?

Reminder – each patient with kidney disease or kidney failure should stick to their renal diet plan that was put forth by their doctor dietitian, and medical team. This includes fluid intake also in regards to your nutrients like potassium and phosphorus levels.


Otherwise known as Natures Fruit Juice. Also the giver of life water is by far the best drink you can consume.

Water is healthy but also has zero-calories making it a kidney patient’s best choice. Although at the time of writing, with studies on going it is unclear if more water in the early stages of kidney disease in beneficial or not beneficial in the slowing of renal failure and is a recommended discussion with your medical team but when choosing a thirst quenching drink water is still the best choice.

Sparkling water

If you are anything like me you love your soda and for me it’s the bubbles. But those dark colas could be causing more harm to your kidneys. But if you can’t quit soda then sparkling water could be your best choice. It has the benefits of water and the bonus bubbles we crave. Sparkling water comes in many flavors but like with any food it is important to read the labels to watch that you are not increasing your other levels.


For breakfast or Lunch sometimes just to cool you down a smoothie might be your go to choice. But as a CKD patient you must be careful a lot of them can contain a lot of potassium and phosphorus. One great thing for a kidney patient that has a fluid intake restriction you can add in frozen fruit to lower the amount of liquid you put in your smoothie. A great smoothie can give you the perfect healthy amount of vitamins, antioxidants.

If you are buying a pre-made smoothie it is important to check the labels.

Coffee -

Not many people can start a day without the magic of a freshly brewed coffee. The best way to drink coffee for a kidney patient is black. This may be very hard to for you to get use too. With some milks and creamers being high in potassium and high in phosphorus, you may have to drink your coffee black. You may also have diabetes that caused your kidney disease so staying away from adding sugar will also be a benefit.

Herbal Tea -

You may not be looking to treat or cure kidney disease with herbal tea you just like to kick back with your book a blanket and a nice warm cup of tea. Just like coffee a tea might get your day started or just be relaxing. Just remember the effects of adding milk and sugars to your tea. There are no clear completed studies that conclude the benefits of herbal tea to treat kidney disease if unsure about herbal teas remember it is always best to consult with your doctor or medical professional. Your cup of tea would still be counted if you are on a fluid restriction.

These five drinks are not the only liquids you can consume while on the renal diet just our top 5. It is important to understand your needs and requirements. Like the commercial for many drugs says on T.V “always read and follow the label” take a look at the amounts of potassium, phosphorus, and sugars in your drinks.

Always remember when in doubt ask your medical team for their advice and recommendations.

In conclusion these are our top 5 drinks. Do you have another favorite that didn’t make our list? Let us know.


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