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Everything You Need To Know About HAIR LOSS, NAIL DISORDERS, caused by KIDNEY DISEASE.

One of the very few things that makes you feel like you since your diagnose of kidney disease is getting your hair and nails done. It is the one time you feel special. Now you are realizing some changes in the color of your nails and also some hair loss. Everything seemed ok until you started dialysis. Kidney failure does not have to take over.

There are many issues that arise from kidney failure and even acute kidney issue weight loss skin diseases heart failure to name a few but this article will focus on your hair and your nails and the reason that may cause these issues.

Chronic kidney disease and hair loss.

Even as a person who ages the break down and loss of hair happen. For those who have renal failure and renal disease especially those who are using hemodialysis as treatment have reported more frequent hair loss.

Causes of hair loss in kidney patients.

There can be many reasons for hair loss in kidney patients. The first we think of is our genetic makeup. In some cases that caused your kidney disease could be what is also causing your hair loss.

But in many other cases the cause of your hair loss can be due to some of the medications that you are taking, medications can cause side effects such as hair loss. Other reasons could be malnutrition using your labs as a guide line and speaking with your doctor including your dietitian hair loss due to malnutrition can be slowed or corrected.

Along with malnutrition your medical team will look at vitamin deficiencies that could be causing you to lose your hair.

Dialysis and Hair loss.

Those that are hemodialysis patients tend to have lower levels of red blood cells also lower levels of iron causing a iron deficiency. CKD patients with a quick loss of kidney function tend to report hair thinning or hair loss.

To battle these issues dialysis patients will have blood drawn monthly and will be given medications and vitamin supplements to help correct these levels.

Can I dye my hair if I have Kidney Disease?

Although there is no hard evidence the dye can worsen or cause kidney disease, it is advised to speak with your medical team before doing so.

If you are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss dying your hair may cause your situation to worsen again it is highly advised to seek direction from your medical team.

Nail abnormalities.

Issues and nail problems are a common occurrence with kidney patients. It is not uncommon for those with a loss of renal function to experience nail disorders such as changes in nail color, thickness, shape or texture.

Abnormal nail changes that we highly recommend telling your doctor would be any yellowing of the nails, lines across the nails that make the nails look more like half nails. Any pitting in the nail or just brittle nails that break very easily.

Diet and changes to hair and nails.

Your diet could also be a factor in the changes in your hair and nails. If your medical team has just transitioned you to the renal diet then the changes can be associated with lower amount of protein in your diet.

With hair and nail being mainly made up of protein these low level can have a adverse effect causing hairless and brittle nails. You will find the recommendation of less protein pre-dialysis with small increase in protein intake when you start dialysis. But it is always advised and implied to seek your medical treatment and advice from a trained professional on your medical team.


Hair loss and nail issues can lower a patient moral remember they are mostly temporary and with the help of your medical team can be treated. Other issue that may arise for kidney patients is skin changes examples are itchy skin which you can find an article right here on kidney conversations Itchy skin and kidney disease. The kidneys can cause many issues just remember to follow the advice of your medical team to find the best treatments for you.

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