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The Green Ribbon and Kidney Disease

Updated: Mar 10

Kidney disease awareness is represented by the Green Ribbon. Those with kidney disease, also those on dialysis, patients who received a kidney transplant, or those who gave the gift of life and are living kidney donors wear the Green Ribbon to help raise awareness for kidney disease.

Although the main color of Kidney Disease Awareness is traditional green other forms of kidney disease and diseases that cause kidney failure are other colors.

Kidney Cancer- Orange

Polycystic Kidney Disease - Teal Blue

Lupus – Purple

Diabetes – Blue or Blue and Grey with a drop of blood in the center.

FSGS – Green

IGA Nephropathy - Green

Important dates for kidney disease 2022

March is national kidney awareness month where time is spent to bring awareness to all types of Kidney Disease but some forms of kidney disease have their own months or even a day dedicated to raising awareness.

  • Polycystic Kidney Disease – September 4th

  • IgA Nephropathy – Month of July

  • Lupus - Month of May

  • Diabetes – Month of November

Some other important dates those fighting kidney disease may want to remember are.

  • National Nurses Week: May 6th to May 12th

  • Nephrology Nurses Week September 11-17

Kidney Conversations keeps spreading the awareness of kidney disease all year round we would like to invite you to educate yourself on all things kidney disease. But always remember to follow the directions of your doctor and medical team.

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